Juni 2007

Cut & Paste

Here's another post about office madness at work. If you guys are wondering at wich company I work ... well, I cannot tell. But it's not a small rat shop, it's a global corporate union, with sites everywhere. Goods produced by "my" company are almost in every kitchen, basement, workshop, or car (depending on the business unit) in Germany, and most likely in your countries as well. I work for the head of the central IT department at headquarters. That's just to give you an idea of the environment.

Ok, here are the funny things that happened recently:

A coworker filed a suggestion for improvement to the appropriate central unit (not IT). The response she got was a funy form. Someone literally used "cut & paste" on it. That means, the text was (probably) written in word, then cut out with scissors and pasted on the form with real glue. We assume that an intern in that department got the order to cut and paste the data into the form and just accepted it at face value.
My coworker then had another idea for improvement, about "cut and paste" done with a computer, but we decided to not file it as it might be considered sarcastic--which in fact it would have been.

Then again, the girl who already asked if there's a video projector and network ports in a virtual room in a colaboration tool still didn't understand the concept of virtual rooms. She made another request this week and asked if there's coffee and soda in this room, and if not, where she can order some. We're not yet sure if she's just being cheeky or utterly stupid.

Since last week there's a sign at the entrance of this weird guy's cubicle that bilingualy says "Enter at own's risk - Zutritt auf eigene Gefahr". If this guy wrote it himself, he's a big freak. If someone else wrote it, it's hilarious. I smile each and every time I walk past this sign.