Januar 2008

Exorcism. Or: Not the Best Day For Microsoft

I'm so happy right now. I bought a brand new laptop today and I really love it. It had Windows VistaTM installed, of course, but after my experiences with VistaTM on my desktop PC, I didn't even wanted to bother with it. So currently I'm expelling Vista and replace it with my new best friend: Linux. My desktop PC works so perfectly well with Linux, so I decided there won't be anything else for me in the future.

At about the same time, my friend Julia messaged me. She got a new laptop today herself. Funny coincidence, isn't it? She and VistaTM met for the first time. She messaged me to tell me how much VistaTM sucks. Like I never said it before.

Does Microsoft realize that VistaTM isn't doing them any favor?