Januar 2007

My first CD

I'm so proud: during my vacation from blogging, the CD of the radio comedy play my friend Thomas and I created got finished. It's the first CD with my name and picture on the cover. It's available in gay book stores and online. I'm so famous. :-) Just kidding.

George, a great fellow from Southafrica, is our most loyal fan. He listens our 2 hour radio show on the webstream regularly to practice German. And he just loves "Beauty Palais" and has sent us many nice mails. Today I got a parcel from him, he has sent me a beautiful illustrated book about Southafrica. I was close to tears because it's so sweet of him. It was a big surprise and I'm very delighted.

When we created this comedy play, it was first only intended as a little funny part of our own show, but now it gets broadcasted in gay radio shows in all German speaking countries. Funnily enough we get nice mails and feedback from any region, except our own transmission area. Maybe the saying about Swabians is true: "Net g'meckert isch g'nug g'lobt" ("Not excoriating is enough praise").

Gutes Neues!

Yup, I'm already in 2007, while my readers from America will stay in 2006 for at least 6 additional hours. Ok, guys, don't be afraid of 2007, it's fine, you can come over. :-)

"Gutes Neues!" (literally "good new one") is the German "Happy New Year" wish after midnight, when the "slide" has been successful.

Same procedure as every year ...

"Dinner for one" is a short TV show that's on TV in Germany each and every New Year's Eve since 1963. It's in the Guinnes Book of Records for being the most often broadcasted TV show ever worldwide. I can't imagine a New Year's Eve without this show. Most Germans watch this show every year, it has a very high audience rating and is on many channels on New Year's Eve. It's about the 90th Birthday of Miss Sophie, she has invited her 4 closest friends. But her friends have died years ago, so the Butler plays their part. Thus, he drinks four times more alcohol and gets quite drunk. It starts slowly, but get's better every glass of booze.

The introduction is in German, the show itself is in English. For those of you that don't speak German, here's a translation of the first minutes:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we're at the country estate of Miss Sophy. The last name of this ancient noble family will be concealed, due to confidentiality. Miss Sophie invited her 4 closest friends for a birthday dinner, and I'm going to explain the seating arrangements to you. Miss Sophy will sit at the head of the table, Sir Toby on her left, next to him Admiral von Schneider. On her right Mr. Pommeroy and Mr. Winterbottom. There's one problem, it's her 90th birthday, her friends have already died a long time ago. She has burried the last one 25 years ago. Nevertheless, she doesn't want to forgo her birthday party, and because her guests can't attend the party (for obvious reasons) the butler fills in, which worked quite well during the last years. It will work again this year, because the procedure is exactly the same each year. James will ask 'Same procedure as last year, Miss Sophy', and she will answer 'Same procedure as every year, James'. With emphasis on 'every year'. You'll see the strangest birthday dinner ever, enjoy the party.

I know that some of my daily reads have problems right now, that's why I wish everybody a good, healthy, safe, successful and happy New Year, filled with love and laughter. May our futures be splendid, and may our dreams come true!
Picture of fireworks found on pixelquelle.de, taken by Pius Schuler.