März 2009


My State, 'Baden-Württemberg', is the result of a fusion of the former 'Duchy of Baden' and the 'Kingdom of Württemberg' in 1953. Stuttgart is the capital of the 'new' state, and it's been the capital of the former Kingdom of Württemberg. That means "we won". And it also means that the Badener (= the people of Baden) don't like us because of that. But that's a different story...

My BF and I went to the Württemberg, a mountain in Stuttgart that is named like our state (in German "Berg" means 'mountain'). It was the place where the 'Burg Wirttemberg' ("Burg" means 'castle') was located from 1080 to 1819. It was the family seat of our sovereigns.

Grabkapelle auf dem Württemberg

In 1820, King Wilhelm I had the castle demolished to build a mausoleum for his dead wife Queen Katharina. The mausoleum is still there, so the BF and I went there to see it.

Grabkapelle auf dem Württemberg

It was a nice day with snow and sun, and we had a very nice time there together.

Grabkapelle auf dem Württemberg

This is the view from the Württemberg to Rotenberg, a suburban district of Stuttgart

Blick vom Württemberg

And this is my boyfriend trying to walk a heart-shaped trail into the snow. ;-)

Walk a heart

Video killed the radio star

... and my last radio show killed the rest. Well, last time I was on air was quite strange. I've never done a show all alone. Usually my co-host Thomas and I are hosting the shows together. And after 5 years we're a brilliant and very entertaining team, and our shows are interessting and good. Last Sunday, however, it was strange. First time all alone for two hours. I guess my show was quite boring and somehow too serious. And it was so strange, no buddy to have some jokes, no interaction ...
I was happy when the time was over, and I realized that I would stop doing the radio shows if my co-host would quit. The rest in our team does their shows alone. How boring must that be. I always knew, doing it together is more fun. But, I have to say, I now appreciate having a on-air-partner like I never did before...

"We're so lucky" a drama in 2 acts

Act One:
small court room in a fictional rural village
Plaintiff: He stole my car.
Defendant: Yes, I stole his car. It's a nice car.
Judge: In the name of the people the court issues the following judgement: The defendant is found guilty of car theft. However, he likes the car and since he hasn't complaint about the car, he can keep it. The plaintiff has to bear the expenses of the trial, and has to gas-up his the defendants car. An appeal against the decision is impossible.

Act Two:
Federal Constitutional Court of a Western European country
Judge: The election of the Federal Parliament (hence, the government) in 2005 was carried out in some states in a way that is clearly against the Federal Constitution. However, the poll is still valid, and all dangerous and evil laws made by the parliament will stay valid.

While act one was pure fiction and its absurdity is quite obvious, act two's absurdity is reality in Germany a country that better remains anonymous.