Oktober 2007


I'm just coming home from watching the musical "Rent" on Broadway. My friend got me good tickets and I had a very good time. Actually, I think I should have bought the CD as well.

I spent the rest of the day in Brooklyn Heights after I've been walking around in Downtown Manhattan and crossed the East River on Brooklyn Bridge. I know, I'm a tacky tourist. However, my friends lived in Brooklyn Heights for a while years ago, and I love this area since the first time I visited them in their beautiful apartment. It sounds weird, but Brooklyn Heights was so familiar from the first moment ... like I had been living there in a former life. So, being there again was very nice.

Yesterday the happy couple left town, and they are in Georgia now. The goodbye was quite interesting. They said goodbye to our friends where we stayed, but ignored me completely, although I was sitting at the table with my friends. I think that I've taken my magic to a higher level--I can become invisible.

During the last year I've developed a "walking reflex", and I spent most of my Sunday walking--up on Broadway, and down right next to the Hudson. It clears the mind. When I was down at Christopher I decided to have a drink at the Dugout, were I ran into Ted again (he seems to be everywhere). And I think I saw Addaboy and probably Joe.My.God, but l'm not really sure. I was too shy to ask ...

New England

What have those states in common: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusets, Vermont, (Upstate) New York? They're all having an occurrance in my road trip. (Because Jim's into cars, and I know he will ask: Dodge)

I drove up at the shore to Boston, and Cape Cod, and another highlight was Providence (see picture), the city of H.P. Lovecraft, where I saw all the houses he used in his stories. And I enjoyed the colored leaves everywhere.
Oh, I love New England. The typical houses are so beautyful. I would move to this area without any hesitation.

Currently it's 8.50am, and I'm in Cock Suck Coxsackie, NY. Outside there are winds, and it's raining, but I'm still in my warm and compfy bed, writing this on my PDA, and in a few minutes I will have some pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns ...
I'll be back in New York City tomorrow.

She sells sea shells ...

This fall in New York so far is much warmer and nicer than summer in Germany this year. I spent the entire day at the beach in Coney Island. We really didn't have a summer in Germany this year, so I enjoyed the warm sun, and the beach, and the artificial Italian "home-made" ice cream. Where I live, there are no beaches. We have "beaches" in Germany, but it's far in the north, and even during a hot summer it is quite cold and rather unpleasant, and it's at the opposite side of Germany, my state itself has no beaches at all (and neither our neighbour states nor their neighbours have beaches). So for me it's exciting and beautiful. I love the smell of the sea, I love the sand, I love the water. And I rescued a stranded jelly fish--you can thank me later.

Yesterday I was at a street fair near Christopher Street. And I was ignored by almost every guy. So, I have to say, NYC feels more like home than ever.

I was already heading to the subway, when I suddenly heard someone calling my name. An old friend recognized me. He knew that I'm in town, because I left him a message if he wants to meet up, but yesterday he ran into me by pure accident. We decided to meet up tomorrow evening.