Dezember 2007

The one about Christmas

I was sure that everybody has abandoned me--or my blog. But then I got a mail from a fellow blogger wishing me a nice Christmas and asking how I've been lately. I'm very delighted about his mail. Thanks a lot!

Ok, so here how I spent Christmas...

In Germany we put up the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. I ornamented it whily my Mom was preparing dinner. And after dinner my Mom, her BF and I played Monopoly. And my mom got a MacBook from him, we also played around with it. Oh, by the way, in Germany you get all gifts on Christmas Eve. Getting presents on Christmas Morning is quite uncommon here.

But on Christmas Morning, I suddenly became very sick. Some stomach/colon infection. I spent the entire Christmas Day in bed, I was sleeping most of the time. And I had a high fever. And missed most of the day.

Today it's Second Day of Christmas in Germany. Still a holiday. I feel better, at least I can stand up. Currently I'm on the couch in the living room, watching TV and surfing a little bit with my Mom's other laptop. We wanted to visit my Grandparents today. It's like a tradition. Each year the entire family meets up at my Grandparents'. Alas, this year I have to stay at home, I don't want to infect anybody else ...

I hope you all had a better Christmas! And I will be posting again soon.