März 2008

I am dreaming of a White Christmas Easter

Christmas Eve is the most important part for children of German Christmas celebrations. It's the first day with the X-Mas tree in Germany, and the perfect X-Mas Eve is a white X-Mas, with snow. When I was a child, Christmases usually were white. Alas, I think the last 15 years have been without snow.

However, today is Easter Sunday. Perfect would be green grass, daffodils, tulips and sunshine. Yesterday was cold, but no snow. The picture has been taken this morning. It really was a big surprise for me.

I guess Easter is much more important in Germany than in the USA. It's also a big holiday with presents and good food. And of course with huge family gatherings. Since I overslept last Christmas sick and with high fever, this feels much more like Christmas today. And for the rest of you without snow: Happy Easter!

First Day of Spring

The Spring-Queen wishes everybody a marvelous and delightful spring and Happy Easter Holidays!

For the curious ones: This picture has been taken on last year's gay pride in Stuttgart, in July 07. I like the raw manliness punctuated by the lei, and the masculine hand posture. We alpha-males really are the butchest. ;-)