Januar 2009

Rian, The Unexercised Movie Critic

I've extensively been bugging all my real life friends about this. They can't stand it any longer. So I thought that I give it a try here ... ;-)

A few weeks ago the BF and I went to see a movie. It was a sneak preview, so we didn't know what we had to expect. At the same evening, right after the movie, I said that I wasn't really sure whether the movie is a shiny gem, or rather strange. After a few hours of sleep and some reading about the movie, I finally realized that it's definitely among the best movies I've ever seen. Maybe it's even taking the lead. It's a precious jewel of cinematics. A real masterpiece. "Two thumbs way up", like the New York Times would say.

It's not yet regularly scheduled in the movie theaters in Germany, but it will have it's official premiere in March. I'm sure I will see it again a few times at the movie theater. And I will buy the DVD. Although it has to be seen on a laaaaarge screen. In the USA it might already have been in the cinemas a few years ago.

Anyway, time to spill the beans. The title of this extraordinary movie is The Fall. You have to, I repeat, h-a-v-e t-o visit the homepage and watch at least the trailer and the gallery after reading my post.

What makes this movie so special, you may ask.
I will tell you:

1. The Visual Experience - The director Tarsem Singh shot this film in 18 countries around the world at the most beautiful locations he could find in many years of traveling. Most (or all?) of the locations haven't been used as scenery of a movie ever before. Be prepared to see a fantasy world, that actually really exists: mystic temples, bright deserts, and blooming landscapes. And also the handsome actors, the remarkable costumes, and the feast of colors and the composition of each picture and scene. It's just utterly beautiful. It's the purest form of beauty. I would sell my soul to shoot just one picture like any scene in this movie.
I think I got some multiple orgasms in my eyes just by watching the beautiful visual compositions in each scene. And the excellent music adds up to it and made me shiver in pleasure for almost the entire movie.

2. The Story - Picture this, California, 1915. Alexandria (played by six year old Catinca Untaru) is in a hospital because she broke her arm. She meets Roy (Lee Pace), a stuntman whose latest stunt went wrong, who might never be walking again, and whose girlfriend left him for somebody else. He tells her an epic story, a story about love and revenge. His intentions aren't as altruistic as one might think...

3. The Two Levels - There are two stories in this film. The reality, and the story told by Roy. It's a pleasure to see how the two worlds interact, and how elements of the real world slip into the fictional story.

4. The Actors - I read that six year old Catinca Untaru was told that Lee Pace is really paralyzed. They didn't have written dialogs. They just knew what should happen, but the dialogs itself "just happened". Catinca couldn't speak English before they started with the movie. All this together adds up to the unique, natural and brilliant dialogs in the movie. Classy.

6. It IS Special - Simply said, it just IS a gem, and you should watch it. As soon as possible. If you can, watch it on a big screen at a movie theater. You won't regret it, I promise.

I know some of you are lazy (what other reason could there be that I have many returning readers (some stop by every day), but just little comments), so I've added the trailer to this post. But do yourself a favor. Visit the homepage www.thefallthemovie.com and also watch the gallery.


Wedding at New Year's Eve

Berliner Dom

There's something I wanted to tell you. My BF and I did something crazy at New Year's Eve. No, not what you were thinking. We went to Berlin for a few days, and we stayed in the district Wedding. We celebrated New Year's Eve at the biggest party in Europe: in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the capital of Germany.

Brandenburger Tor

The Brandenburg Gate probably is for Germany like the Statue of Liberty for the USA. Around this Gate there were more than one Million celebrating New Year's Eve. That's about twice as much people than inhabitants of Washington DC.

Berlin Alexanderplatz

During the day we've been at the famous Alexanderplatz, and also were on top of the TV tower and enjoyed the view of the city.

Rotes Rathaus Berlin

This is the Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall), where the major of Berlin works. By the way, he's gay and coined the now famous words "I'm gay and it's okay" (German: "Ich bin schwul und das ist gut so").

Before we went to the big party, we had some sleep in our hotel room. After that we put on all clothes we had, because it was very cold outside. We met a very nice straight couple in the crowed and celebrated together with them. They were very nice, it was a very pleasant start into the new year.

Gedächtniskirche Berlin

The picture above is in the Gedächtniskirche, which has been severly damaged during world war II. This is the only part that's still existing. It's also a famous landmark in Berlin.

These stones mark where the Berin Wall was before 1989. Right next to the wall there is the Reichstag, it's where our parliament does an awful awesome job.