My first CD

I'm so proud: during my vacation from blogging, the CD of the radio comedy play my friend Thomas and I created got finished. It's the first CD with my name and picture on the cover. It's available in gay book stores and online. I'm so famous. :-) Just kidding.

George, a great fellow from Southafrica, is our most loyal fan. He listens our 2 hour radio show on the webstream regularly to practice German. And he just loves "Beauty Palais" and has sent us many nice mails. Today I got a parcel from him, he has sent me a beautiful illustrated book about Southafrica. I was close to tears because it's so sweet of him. It was a big surprise and I'm very delighted.

When we created this comedy play, it was first only intended as a little funny part of our own show, but now it gets broadcasted in gay radio shows in all German speaking countries. Funnily enough we get nice mails and feedback from any region, except our own transmission area. Maybe the saying about Swabians is true: "Net g'meckert isch g'nug g'lobt" ("Not excoriating is enough praise").


Congratulations! That's very impressive. You should be fucking proud!

Remember the little people when you're at the top. :)

That is really pretty nifty. Now if I could only speak German, I could enjoy it as well!

Very cool. You are famous!
I'll have to check it out once I get my German in order. I'm just starting to learn the language so I'm ready for my first trip to Germany at the end of the year.

thanx so much 4 the well wishes!

Holy Crap! Congratulations, Rian. Can I say I know you now?