Stuttgart is colorful

Yesterday at around 5pm (jebus, sun goes down early these days) we've been strolling around in the city, heading to a café for some heavy double choclate fudge cake and some coffee, we came across these shop windows and I just liked them.

Before that, the BF and I had a very nice walk in the snowy sub-suburban outskirts of Stuttgart. Or, to say it differently, in the haunted forests of nowhere. We came past some teeny-weeny ancient castles hidden in the forests, used by our former Kings as hunting seats. It was a very pleasant day together, and we had much fun in the white winter-wonder land, with all the snow on the trees. And also with the glassy trails on the way back to the city, where the warmth of the café reimbursed us for the frostbites and the starvation we had to endure in the enchanted and endless forests of our beloved former Kings.

A star is born ...

In the city they're quite busy preparing the christmas market, that will open to the public in three days. It's one of the biggest christmas markets in Germany, and it exists for about 350 years. Looking forward to having some mulled wine and sugarroasted almonds...


Beautiful photos. I would have liked to see a photo of the cake you had. It sounds sinful.

If I ever have the opportunity to visit Stuttgart, I will try very hard to be there for the holiday season. Something tells me it's a little more special than in the states.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Germany is so pretty!